Leader Tips

Our Prayer Page presents wonderful benefits for leaders who want to engage their group members in prayer. Please read how we’ve created OurPrayerPage.com to automate the fleeting tasks of leading a prayer group so we as leaders can focus on the eternal ones.

1) Use your gift of leadership and prayer! (instead of your gift of "copy + paste")

OurPrayerPage.com receives, organizes and prints prayers automatically for you. The group leader just has to encourage group members each week to submit their prayer requests or praises. This eliminates the messiness that can occur with collecting and documenting prayer requests and it also keeps a record of all prayers in one place.


Now you don’t have to work hard to remember which John or Jill, Bob or Beth, you are praying for. Each person in your group has a picture of themselves at the top of their page. This helps the group become intimate sooner.

3) Have more meaningful 1-on-1 discussions

Through the automatic process of OurPrayerPage.com, group leaders already know their group members' prayer requests before you call them. So you can spend more time asking about the request, getting to know them, or talking about what we’re studying.

4) Automatic weekly prayer summaries

Our Prayer Page sends out weekly prayer summaries. Leaders no longer need to print out the weekly prayer requests. These will be delivered to each group member’s email inbox weekly.

5) Prayer summary printing

We’re aware some people still love paper! Our Prayer Page also prints prayers. If leaders have group members who still want the prayers on paper, Our Prayer Page can easily print them. Or if group members want to print the prayers themselves, they can. OurPrayerPage.com neatly organizes all the prayers for you. You just hit print!

6) Prayer for all kinds of leaders

Children’s leaders can use this! They can start a group with their co-leader. Throughout the year they can share prayer requests for the children they are leading.

Note: For privacy reasons, keep these prayers general (first names only and basic content; i.e. "Zach's grandpa is having surgery."). Use them more as reminders and save the deeper aspects for face-to-face discussion.

7) Concise prayer requests for your group

Leaders don’t have to rewrite/summarize the prayers sent to them. OurPrayerPage.com has a form to fill out that it is character limited and spell checked. It allows the heart of the prayer to shine through in a concise manner.

8) Prayer becomes a positive group burden instead of a negative leadership burden

When a leader is absent, the praying can press on.

9) Group members that join late can quickly catch up

New people can easily learn about the other group members through their prayers and pictures and join in the prayer!

10) An ever present line of communication

If you are not able to contact a group member before the next meeting, they can still effectively get their prayer request to you.

11) Get wrapped up in prayer

Our Prayer Page puts submitting prayer requests and viewing prayers in the same place. This encourages interceding for others more than just submitting prayer requests.