Why should you use Our Prayer Page?

by Sharon Watkin

1) Prayer can happen anytime, anywhere. You don’t need a war room. You can find your phone and be reminded of prayers whenever the Holy Spirit prompts you. (i.e. I have 4 kids including an infant. My most quiet moments are when I’m nursing/rocking my baby to sleep at night. So I take my phone and read the Bible and pray for the ladies in my group while I nurse. I also review prayers before/during a jog and pray while I jog. When I'm on the go I can quickly add a prayer to My Prayers that I don't want to forget (or lose) and then recall it later when I have a moment of peace. I often meet people in the grocery store or parking lot. After asking their name, I can put a quick prayer for them on my personal prayer page and begin interceding for them. Though I may never see them again, my hope is that through my prayers I’ll see them in Heaven.)

2) Having the icon on your homescreen reminds you to pray. Before you open any other app, open your heart to God, and receive His eyes in place of your own before you turn them to the world. (Shields up! If you aren’t wearing your armor before stepping into battle, i.e your email, or social media, you are not protected against Satan’s evil schemes.)

3) You get to see what God has done!!!! (In my last two years of being in a Bible study group, I would pray for the women in my group, but rarely found out how or even if God answered the prayer. Through, you are encouraged to share praises. One week I had 3 answered prayers in the group I was leading!)

4) A place for ongoing praise as the journey is unfolding.  There is nothing too small to thank God for. (You may not get a lot of likes on Facebook if you shout from the rooftops, “My husband finally got an interview!” or “I’m not depressed today!” or “My prodigal son came home!” But on Our Prayer Page you will get a heavenly host of angels, along with your brothers and sisters cheering on your perseverance.)

5) You have a record of all your prayer requests for the whole year. (At the end of a year leading a small group of women in a large ible study, I was able to print out all of their prayer requests. It was my own little Psalm 56:8 record of each of their sorrows and praises.)

6) Each group member’s latest prayer request will stay on the homepage. Our hope is that if you pray for someone’s single prayer long enough, then you will reach out more and more to ask them how they’re doing and to help bear their burden. (I recently was struggling with dizziness for 6 weeks. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed. I continued to ask for prayer in person and on our prayer page. 4 weeks in, women from my Bible study began bringing meals for our family, calling me, offering to watch my kids, and even paying for some of my doctors bills.)

7) As a group member you don’t have to wait for the leader to email the prayers. Our Prayer Page allows for daily frequency of prayer distribution instead of weekly. Prayer can begin and never cease!

8) New believers can receive help learning how to pray and talk to God by reading others prayers. (I was so encouraged by the way the older leaders tended to use the names of God in their prayers. This has encouraged our “build a prayer” feature.)

9) You don’t have to search back through emails, or stacks of paper to find someone’s prayer request. When you think of it, you can search them by person to find it.

10) Prayer becomes more personal when you are looking at the face of the person you are praying for. (Our hope is that after hours, days or weeks of seeing a brother or sister's face on Our Prayer Page and praying for them, that you will grow intimate with them as Paul did with so many of the people he did ministry with.)

11) You no longer have to fear that your need isn’t big enough to be sent out on the prayer chain. (After a year of caring for our foster daughter, we were physically fine but spiritually dying. However, I felt awkward asking for prayer that wasn't related to a medical diagnosis. Prayers that admitted defeat and pleaded for strength were far and few between on the prayer chain. Our prayer page naturally draws out all prayers from all walks of life; big and small.)

Our Testimony

by Sharon Watkin with Ben Watkin (July 24, 2018)

Our Prayer Page was born out of a seed of faith. That seed was a simple dream placed within a stay at home mom and a systems engineer dad. The dream went something like, “Lord is it possible you could use us, and what little we have, to bring unity to your church in a world that seems so divided?” To our empty hands and open hearts, God answered, “absolutely.”

Fast forward a year later to a month that rocked our world. We sat 36 weeks pregnant in a courtroom as our first foster child had their parents' rights terminated. Our plans of fostering many children, shattered. Our new calling, adoption. One week later, Ben was laid off from his job. 2 weeks after Ben lost his job, we welcomed our 4th child, a baby girl, into the world. Through that month we came to realize that our hopes of starting our own business from a secure financial footing were close to shattered. After months of applying for jobs while putting in overtime to work on a startup, God gave us clear instruction to end the job hunt and move forward with no financial security and to trust him for every penny. We began focusing 100% on our startup. Our comfortable life quickly became unworthy of social media posts, and drove us to our knees crying out to God for help.

By God's amazing provision, Ben and I were both asked to be leaders at our local BSF classes just before our world collapsed. At that time we had very full schedules between work, fostering, and the pregnancy, but out of faith that God would provide time for both of us to step into that level of shepherding others, we said “yes.”

As Bible study quickly approached, we quickly became a family of 6 in the middle of an adoption, out of a job, and working hard to build a startup. We sat down to chat one afternoon (as we do many days) and I shared with Ben how I desired to lead my ladies in intentional and efficient prayer the upcoming year. I presented these problems to him that I wanted to avoid:

1) There isn't an organized way to see all of the prayers from each person for the year. Last year as a group member, I spent a lot of time approaching women or emailing them to hear about prayer updates.
2) I would sometimes forget faces as I'm praying for women, or names if they aren't wearing their name tag. I'd love to have a face next to the prayer as I'm praying for them.
3) The process of receiving ASK's and distributing them to the group has been inconsistent from leader to leader (i.e. they are emailed at all different times of the week, or the leader forgot the papers to hand out, etc). With this, I'd like all of the latest prayers to be accessible anytime of the week by simply visiting the website.

What he created for me is a "web app," or basically a website with a specific purpose. Since he is also very involved in BSF, he knows how intentional BSF is and he did not want it to feel at all like a "social media" experience. He designed something that is very simple and beautiful so that it can help others settle into a time of intentional prayer.

The only issue is that it wasn't scalable. It could host 100 users, not a million. We faced a major decision. Do we leave it as it is and let it continue blessing the small groups that are using it or do we rebuild it so that anyone, anywhere can use it? The second option would take a lot of time and money, but God was crystal clear about leading us into that great unknown.

Vision after vision, and miracle after miracle, have brought us to this moment of giving Jesus our "five loaves and two fishes." There is so much more we'd love to build, but all we have to offer is our best from what we've been given. We've sacrificed everything in every area of life to follow God in this. Please pray with us that it multiplies miraculously and spreads intentional prayer across the globe.

Great Ministries

We have been immeasurably blessed by the following ministries. Please check them out for both spiritual help and spiritual health!

Focus on the Family

Prayer. Counseling. Daily Broadcasts. If you are in need of immediate support call Focus on the Family and speak to one of their licensed counselors. They will set up 1 free hour of counseling with you on the phone. They will also pray with you and help you find a licensed Christian counselor in your area.


Phone: 1-800-A-FAMILY


Set Free Ministries

Deliverance Ministry.  Are you in need of deliverance from depression, addiction, abuse, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness, or hopelessness? Set Free Ministries will provide you with a full day of counseling for free to help you receive freedom in Jesus' name.


Phone: 616-726-5400

See also:


Online Prayer. Online Church 24/7. Submit your prayer request and one of their staff members or volunteers will reach out to you via email to pray for you. Or go to church online at any time!


How We Love

We're so thankful to How We Love for granting us permission to use their Soul Words list to populate Build-a-Prayer with dozens and dozens of unique emotions.

Click here for their printable PDF of Soul Words

Please check out How We Love to learn more about their mission:

We believe in the inherent truth that broken relationships are the result of a subtle or serious departure from God’s principles. When we understand and engage with God’s relational truths ALL things are possible, no matter how deep the hurt or how rooted the issues. Our mission is to facilitate restoration, renewal and healing in broken relationships.


Reading Recommendations

by Ben & Sharon Watkin

These are some key books that have strengthened us in our prayer journey; and we found a wonderful way to recommend them as well as fund more features for Our Prayer Page. If you purchase one of these books through the links below, then Our Prayer Page will receive a monetary referral reward not just for the book, but for anything else in your cart! We pray that God's blessing is over the timing of these purchases and that Our Prayer Page can receive some additional funding from these great reads. Please note, generous contributions are still our primary need, but this is an above & beyond way to help as well.

chronological bible

This Bible rearranges chapters (and even verses!) according to the timeline of history. You'll read David's Psalms right alongside his trials; or follow the Judean exiles as powerful dynasties rise and fall all around them; and so much more! It is a powerful way to meditate on and pray through God's Word.

prayer & culture

Billy Graham's daughter, Ann Graham Lotz, has a convicting and powerful message for a culture that has placed religion on the back burner.

pregnancy & birth

God is the God of miracles! Learn to declare victory over the trials involved in pregnancy, childbirth and recovery and see a modern day miracle unfold in your own family.

Other Resources